2022 Events

Coming Soon!

The updated paperback edition of “Under Their Thumb” (featuring the original book + 40 new pages of text + 33 never-before-seen bonus photos) is coming out in June 2022.  You can find it at your favorite bookstore, as well as at Amazon.

All related events, such as book signings and media appearances by Bill German, will be listed on this page. Thanks for your interest!

From Bill German:

Thanks to everyone who came to my “Under Their Thumb” presentations through the years. (I started doing them in 2009, when the book first came out, and continued doing them until the pandemic hit. More than a decade’s worth!) It was a blast meeting so many of you in person, and I hope to get the chance to do it again in 2022, when the updated paperback version of “Under Their Thumb” is released.

I’d also like to thank the venues who hosted my events. Too many to list them all (nearly a hundred!), but they include bookstores (like Barnes & Noble in New York, Book Soup in L.A., and the now-defunct Borders in Philly), as well as college campuses (at Villanova, Wisconsin, Adelphi, NYU) and a ton of wonderful public libraries (who need your support!) in cities like New York, San Francisco, Baltimore, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and San Antonio.

Not to mention the “non-conventional places” that were open-minded enough to welcome a bunch of crazed Rolling Stones fans to come hear me speak – like the Brooklyn Museum, the San Francisco Art Exchange, and even Temple Israel of Great Neck (Long Island).

All because a sixteen-year-old kid started a Stones fanzine out of his bedroom! I’m grateful to everyone for the ongoing support!